Free Consultation 

Reach me on the contact section of this website and we can meet up to discuss what your hopes are for labour & birth, in what way you might like a doula to support you and any other queries you might have.

Phone & Email Support 

Throughout our time together i will be available to you for any queries, worries or excitement that you need to share.  Additionally I will be sending you useful / relevant links & resources with regard to your pregnancy, preparation for your birth and the postnatal period. 

2 Prenatal Visits 

During your pregnancy we will meet for 2 prenatal classes.  This is essentially detailed birth preparation where we will debrief any previous births & talk about your hopes, fears and expectations of the labour ahead.  You will learn about birth physiology, breathing techniques, comfort measures, birthing positons, visualisations, affirmations, massage, acupressure, essential oils and more! Together we will write your birth plan/preferences, allowing for the unpredictability of labour, but ensuring that your desires & needs are met and realised. All this hopes to leave you & your partner feeling informed, empowered, prepared and positive about your birth.

During labor 

I will be on-call for you 24/7 for approx 1 month.  This will cover 10 days before your due date (week 38) and up until the date you actually give birth... this could be several more weeks.

Once in labour I will be in constant attendance to give you confidence, help you make informed decisions, facilitate communication between you and the medical staff, remind you of your wishes and to support both you and your partner.  I will stay with you until after the first feed has been initiated, i will help and guide you with this.

Baby’s first feeding Support 

I will help & guide you in initiating the first feed

newborn baby
As a Doula, I  Do Not:

Perform any clinical tasks or diagnose conditions

Make decisions for you 

Speak to the staff on your behalf

Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience

Take over the role of your husband or partner

Postpartum follow-up visit 

This will be my final visit to you where we can debrief your birth, check how you & baby are doing and asses whether you need any breastfeeding, wellness support etc.  This might be in hospital or once you're settled back at home.  I do offer Postnatal Doula services, this would be separate to your Birth Doula support and you're welcome to discuss this with me if it is of interest.


So long as mum, dad & baby are all doing well... I love to take photos & videos of beautiful, intimate moments during labour, birth & the first breastfeed.  Once edited they're your's to treasure forever.  So, if this is something you'd like just let me know.   All the photos you see on my testimonials page are taken by me.

Closing The Bones postnatal massage

I’m excited to be offering this beautifully restorative practice.  I offer both the Moroccan CTB technique and the Ecuadorian method.  For more info and to book  click here

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Baby massage

I hope to be fully certified in baby massage & baby yoga soon.  Once i am certified i will be offering private & group baby massage / baby yoga classes.